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GDPR will be here very soon. Are you ready?

With GDPR in force next month, there’s little time left to get ready. If you’ve just come back from the moon (or have been burying your head in the sand hoping it all might go away) and haven’t thought about GDPR yet, read on:

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The Dos and Don’ts of Personality Testing

Most people reading this post will have had an experience with psychometric testing or personality profiling. For many people, that experience may not have been positive.

There are so many different variations of psychometric profiling or personality questionnaires out there and, used positively; they are a fantastic tool to understand what makes a person tick and how they will approach their work. 

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5 signs it’s time to shake up your recruitment process

In today’s job market, candidates hold more power than ever before. This means that as an employer, you need to make every effort to impress candidates and ensure you have an effective recruitment process. Part of this requires you to think about every aspect of the hiring journey, as well as tweaking and tailoring your offerings to ensure you’re targeting the right audiences, in the right way.

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Tax codes for 2018/19

Tax codes are the basis of the whole PAYE tax system - and unless the code is correct, the PAYE system will not deduct the correct amount of tax from an employee’s pay.

The tax code determines how much pay an employee can receive before they have to start to pay income tax. This amount is known as the personal allowance, it changes every tax year and is set by the Chancellor in the Budget. 

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