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How the Criminal Finances Act is changing agency behaviour

As 2017 draws to a close, it seems like a good time to reflect on the year that was in the contracting and contract recruitment sector. Ask people in our industry to name the most significant legislative change of the year and the most popular answer would probably be April's public sector off-payroll / IR35 changes.

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How will the GDPR affect you and your business?

The GDPR legislation is probably something you’ve heard about a lot recently. But, what does it actually mean for businesses and business owners directly? The new legislation, (which is less than six months away from coming into force), means that an organisation’s directors and officers could be held responsible for reporting serious data breaches. 

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Holidays are coming, holidays are coming!

When holiday means holiday! The Coca-Cola truck is winding its way around the country bringing cheer and a huge sugar rush. However, just as the champagne cork pops that pesky European Court of Justice drops a ticking time bomb that has potential ramifications for those involved in the gig economy and might encourage those who are currently regarded as self-employed to challenge their employment status!

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Replace Email with Texting to Get the Most Out of Recruiting Efforts

When you want to recruit the top talent in your industry, you have to communicate in the ways candidates prefer. With job seekers filling out applications on the internet, the next logical step is to add the power of texting into the mix.

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