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Five Social Media Tips to Help Recruiters Attract Candidates Online

Do you remember the good old days when we used to rely on our memory, that pile of application forms on the corner of your desk or the roller deck? I am smiling to myself as I think of those days. 

However, I also remember working until 8 or 9pm at night?

as that was the only time that you could contact a possible candidate as you didn’t want to phone them at work, and mobile phones did not exist. Blimey, life is so much easier now-a-days… or is it?

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What Your Work Lunch Says About You as a Recruiter

 Everyone is different but everyone has a lunch preference. We thought, for a bit of fun, we’d put together a blog outlining some lunchtime classics, some staples you’ll recognise. So, without further preamble, here are some lunchtime preferences you’ll definitely recognise…

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Business Owners Don’t Get Sick

As a business owner or director, you don’t have time for sick leave or illness, right? Coughs and colds won’t hold you back in pursuit of your goal, you are made of tougher stuff than that. In fact, I can imagine you are probably the type of person that has uttered the words...

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Criminal Finances Act: 5 Steps Recruitment Agency Directors Should Take

It’s now just a matter of weeks until the Criminal Finances Act becomes law.

The legislation, which comes into force on 30th September, creates a new corporate offence of ‘failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion.’

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