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A, B, C on why business immigration law is important.

As the owner and/or director of a recruitment business, business immigration law perhaps isn’t something you think about. Below are 3 reasons why you should.

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The Audience of One


“You” – it is so important to fully understand and utilise this three-letter word. I say that while addressing you now. I’m not in the slightest bit important in this article – you are. If you don’t gain any benefit from reading this, I’ve failed you, and you’ll blame me!

Once a recruiter understands that the only reason a client or candidate is dealing with him or her is that they want something that will benefit them, either by taking away the pain from issues that they have, or leading them towards something they want - only then will that recruiter become a great recruiter. Because it’s all about them, the client or candidate .

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True, fair, accurate and not misleading?

Employers or former employers are in general under no legal obligation to provide a reference but where they do caution must be exercised. The glowing or not so glowing reference must be true, fair and accurate and not misleading through exclusion, or implication. The potential for claims from disgruntled former employees and new employers is well documented, and most employers simply provide confirmation, of the actual employment, namely dated of employment, job title, and salary.

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6 Tips to Inspire your Team and Become a True Leader

Here at The Recruitment Network we run several masterclasses and programmes on Leadership. From the one-day Next Generation Leadership Masterclass to the Recruitment Trailblazers Programme for upcoming Billing Managers.

We get a lot of questions on how you as a leader of a team or the owner of the business can inspire and lead your people. Recruitment is a people lead industry, and without a cohesive, motivated team in your own business you’re setting yourself up for potential failure further down the line.

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