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‘What’s In It For Me?’: 4 Tips for Making Effective Speculative Calls

In recruitment, being able to conduct a meaningful spec call to scope out vacancies and present a candidate is a crucial skill to master. Employers get a lot of calls from recruiters so getting a foot in the door relies on you standing out from the crowd.

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When should Recruiters ‘celebrate the deal’ and start the placement dance?

As a recruitment super-fan, I love to see recruiters sharing their successes in the office and online.

A flurry of recruitment awards recently with TEAM, Global Recruiter Awards and the Recruiter Awards have given plenty of recruiters a platform from which to share their achievements. LinkedIn is awash with recruiters doing placement dances, ringing the deal bell and sharing their achievements with their audiences – I LOVE IT!

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IR35 and the private sector

What’s going on?

It is now 15 months since new legislation was introduced to manage IR35 in the public sector, much has been written regarding the problems encountered by this new legislation. Despite HMRC stating they had no plans to roll out similar changes into the private sector, we are now over halfway through a period of consultation considering this very issue (the consultation closes on 10 August).

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From Love Island to the World Cup: How To Get Your Team Working This Summer.

Between Love Island, the World Cup and the hazy heatwave we’re going through, summer 2018 is shaping up to be one to remember. However, as excitement reaches fever pitch and temperatures rise, keeping your teams engaged is difficult. In fact, as a sun lounger or pub garden beckons, it may even be tricky to motivate yourself.

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