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How to be the Boss of your data

Getting an insight into who has your data and what’s being done with it can be both alarming and interesting, especially when it comes to some of the biggest players in the Recruiter space Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Unless you live on Mars you’ll be well aware that when it comes to #BigData the world is changing and fast.

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The corporate criminal offence is now over six months old - have you taken the necessary steps to protect your business?

The Criminal Finances Act 2017 introduced two new corporate criminal offences with effect from 30 September 2017 – one for failure to prevent the facilitation of UK tax evasion and one for failure to prevent facilitation of foreign tax evasion.

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Every Cloud

John was a recruitment consultant. He went to his local butcher’s shop and asked for two really nice pieces of steak as it was a special night - his wedding anniversary - and he wanted to cook a special meal to match the occasion.

The butcher said he was waiting for a delivery so he asked John if he could come back in a couple of hours. John decided to go to the supermarket instead, and when he walked in, he fell over a hand basket and hurt his ankle.

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Jackets on the backs of chairs: The unwritten rule

Workplace pressures are all too common. From an employer’s perspective, an ideal employee will come in early, stay late and will always choose to put their jobs before their personal commitments, needs and often their health. Not fitting in with a workplace culture of this type may affect their career and prospects for advancement. This is all very well for a healthy (presumably single) individual but what are the consequences when illness makes this impossible?

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