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What’s the Cost of Hiring a Bad Recruiter?

No matter what size of recruitment business you’re running, the costs of hiring a bad recruiter can be crippling - and we’re not just talking monetary costs either. As recruitment business owners, sourcing right-fit candidates for clients is in our blood, but for some reason, our weakest point tends to be hiring for ourselves!

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How to tackle cloud computing for Recruitment Companies

Cloud computing is beneficial irrespective of the size of your business. Recruitment businesses find cloud services practical because it not only optimises the resources but also reduces the cost and time spent on managing it. Today, cloud computing provides a competitive edge by allowing recruitment companies to be agile to their business demands, by having access to systems and data anywhere and anytime. 

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‘Sharing is caring’ Recruiters and their Finance teams

As the eldest sibling of three, I think it’s fair to say I was brought up with the constant message of:

‘Be nice and share that with your sisters!’

Like most parents, mine have no favourite (it’s me), and they love us all the same (me most), but like many Recruiters and Back-Office staff, my sisters and I couldn’t be more different and so sharing wasn’t something we did naturally.

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Why regulation of umbrella companies would be good news for recruiters

Matthew Taylor may have given the government’s response to his review of modern working practices a measly four out of ten, but the response did contain some positives.

Chief among them was the government’s acceptance of Mr Taylor’s idea that umbrella companies and the contractor services sector, in general, should be regulated.

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