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4 killer marketing ideas for your recruitment agency in 2019

If you want to make sure your recruitment agency sees success in 2019, you need to focus on effective marketing. Here are our best ideas for next year.

One of the key things recruitment agencies need to think about in 2019 is how to market themselves. While finding the best candidates is the main part of the job, it is the clients who pay the most, so being able to show that you are the right company for them is a crucial aspect of making a profit in the industry.

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“Anyone know a good cleaner?” – Update on post-Brexit immigration in the UK

The recently published Migration Advisory Committee report entitled has recommended an extensive overhaul of the current UK immigration system. With the UK’s exit date from the EU under six months away, the Committee has proposed ending free movement for citizens of EEA countries and extending the current non-EEA visa application system to all potential immigrants. 

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Cold Calling or Sponsorship - it's your decision

Decision makers and people involved within the recruitment process get called by recruiters day in day out – sometimes, quite literally, several times a day depending on the size of their organisation and the market they are in. Those telephone calls come from recruiters just like you, all wanting their share of the action. 

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3 important things to look for in every new recruiter you hire

Sure, we’re experts in hiring, but hiring recruiters is a whole other kettle of fish. As anyone working in recruitment knows, you can’t study to become a recruiter; there’s no particular qualification that proves you know your stuff.

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