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Dry January - Not Again

Dry January

It’s Groundhog year, and here I sit on February 1’st 2018, with a mental block on this blog:

It was a time to reflect on ‘Dry January’ and to try and work out A) why on earth I did it again, and B) Was it worth it?  Given that it was long, mostly dull, sometimes hard and often it seemed a thankless job!

Well, my thought process was that I succeeded with dry January last year (2017), and I am a creature of habit so WHY NOT give it a go again right? 

Well actually, there are LOTS of reasons WHY NOT … I love beer, I love wine, and as I now live in Somerset, I love Cider! 

So with the WHY NOT'S coming through loud and clear, I had to draw upon the positive reasons WHY I should put myself through it.  Last year the benefits were good, in fact REALLY good! Some expected and some unexpected.  So I drew up a top 10 to remind you, but more to remind myself:

1. Weight loss. Another half a stone in fact.

2. Sleep. Not necessarily more sleep but better sleep.

3. Money. I’ve saved some cash, maybe £100.

4. Time. Wow, evenings can be so productive.

5. Energy. From a mix of health fitness and motivation.

6. Concentration. I think it’s been easier to maintain focus.

7. Positivity. I’m sure I felt more optimistic in general.

8. Self-control. I’ve used muscles that need exercising.

9. Self-respect. I’m happy with myself; I’m not gonna lie.

10. Self-belief. With Dry January done, I feel I can do anything!

So, with lots more reasons to go for it than not, that sealed it, RIGHT? 

WRONG … even with all the tangible, compelling reasons to abstain from alcohol in January (and in general), I still couldn’t muster up the motivation to commit.

Ultimately the motivation had to come from intrinsic factors. I DON’T like being told what to do, (even by a habit or addiction), whereas, I DO like to set myself a goal and achieve it!

So I DID IT, and it was WORTH IT!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I know that “Winners never quit and quitters never win”!

From a business point of view, if you are considering doing 'Dry January', 'Stoptober' or any other abstinence break, consider the following:  If you want to have more energy, increased confidence and a greater focus, then it could be for you.  If you want to make more time for work and to be more productive in the time you have then again, this could be for you.  Lastly and this is a personal opinion and not necessarily brain science, but if you want to experience more satisfaction, more gratitude, more optimism and achieve a sense of balance, then give yourself a booze break, (and thank me afterwards).

Ultimately though, the main point of this blog is to encourage anyone considering dry January or any 30-day abstinence challenge to DO IT! However, if you are in the habit of cracking a drink or two as relaxation and reward of an evening, then do gear yourself up for a challenge, it may be harder than you think. So, I suggest to prepare, commit and stay focused. Get support and accountability from friends, family and colleagues and get started.

Lastly, I recall it was a fellow villager who had inspired my first ‘Dry January’ by completing a whole YEAR ‘Dry 2016’.  I was wondering if anyone else had taken it this far and what your thoughts were?  Also, does anyone think I should extend abstinence out for the rest of the year? (I hate failing though)

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