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Improve Your Employee Engagement With These Texting Tips

Employee Engagement

With current technology, SMS texting allows companies to effectively communicate, fielding questions and sending out reminders with a method that is faster and more cost-effective for the company. Improving engagement is a great way to increase company morale and productivity.

Set Up Bulk Texting for Reminders

One way to increase employee engagement is to send out automated bulk reminders for specific events and meetings. Send out notifications to alert your employees of important deadlines and remind them of particular plan details. Bulk texts decrease the amount of time you spend contacting employees, enabling you to create concise messages that are helpful and get the message across.

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Don’t wait for one-on-one meetings to let your employees know how well they are doing, or if there is any room for improvement. Keep your team in the loop and alert them with the same mass text method, helping your employees to continually improve their skills or feel appreciated if they have reached their targets.

Provide Quick Answers

Texting will improve your communications when you are available for quick questions. You can even automate questions for those most frequently asked to reduce the number of times you have to respond to redundant questions.

Personalise Your Messages

You can send personalised texts to increase the impact you have on your employees. Rather than send out generic texts alone, use personalised messages to give employees the extra push they need to get started on a project and make their deadlines. Texts can be specially sent out to those who haven’t set up meetings or filled out their paperwork to keep them on track.

Schedule and Keep Meetings

You can use text messaging to help organise your meetings and answer questions before your scheduled times. SMS can help alleviate problems with meetings by sending out meeting locations, directions, paperwork that still needs to be signed, plan details and more. Reminders are especially important for keeping your schedule smooth and keeping you informed of the meetings you need. Don’t let busy employees throw off your schedule when they forget a meeting and then just want to make it up later.

Get Feedback in Real Time with SMS

You can send out quizzes and surveys to find out what employees think about the company processes and get information to help you continually improve with each year. By getting feedback on your company processes, you are not only valuing your employee's opinions, but you will also be able to streamline and improve productivity. It's important to know what employees expect, appreciate and dislike about your process and options to keep morale high. Use texting to streamline your employee engagement and make it as effective as possible.

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Joel Lee

Joel Lee is the SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases.  

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