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Five Social Media Tips to Help Recruiters Attract Candidates Online

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Do you remember the good old days when we used to rely on our memory, that pile of application forms on the corner of your desk or the roller deck? I am smiling to myself as I think of those days. 

However, I also remember working until 8 or 9pm at night?

as that was the only time that you could contact a possible candidate as you didn’t want to phone them at work, and mobile phones did not exist. Blimey, life is so much easier now-a-days… or is it?

Times have changed, and although communication is much faster and easier, there is also the addition of so much noise out there. How do you stand out from the crowd and make your jobs and your recruitment agency memorable? Here are my top ten social media tactics to help you shine above your competition and consequently, attract new candidates and clients.

Tip #1 – Use Facebook to Build a Community

Facebook is the perfect social media platform to grow a local recruitment agency. I do see lots of mistakes on Facebook, such as the endless flow of CV tips, or interview techniques or endless feed of jobs posted automatically from Logic Melon or Broadbean – PLEASE do not do use any of these tactics on your Facebook page! The key to success on Facebook comes in two forms:-

  • Video or live streaming
  • Personality and behind the scenes.

Facebook is about getting the culture of your business across to the world. Start showcasing office debates, someone ringing that bell to show that you actually place people, not just constantly looking for vacancies to fill.

Tip #2 – Give free advice online

You may think that this is counter-productive, but trust me, it works. Remind people that that they should not only register with your agency, but give them advice on how to secure a job themselves. For example, telling them the best job boards to look at, perhaps a specialist recruitment agency that would help them better than you can, or giving out advice and tips as to how they could polish up their LinkedIn profile. Why on earth would you do this? It is called the law of reciprocation. (Great book called Influence, The Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini).

You may not have placed a person, but I guarantee that they will certainly tell all their friends about you being the best recruiter out there! It comes back ten fold. Trust me.

Tip #3 – Make Your Jobs Stand Out From the Crowd

Using apps such as or Ripl, you can now create little videos for your jobs. A video does not have to be a person speaking, it can just be an animated text. Here is a video that we have produced for Jobwise Group in Bolton to give you an idea:-

Tip #4 – Create a Facebook Group for Jobs in “XXXX”

If there is not a Facebook group for jobs in your local town or city, then now is the time to set one up before your competitor does. Do NOT block other recruiters from being able to post their jobs in this group, but DO make sure that it is your branding on the cover photo and the description. You can also pin your job as a nominated “job of the week” to the top of the page. Make your group and open group and then promote this on your business Facebook page.

Tip #5 – Use the Advanced Search on Twitter

Many recruiters do not know about the advanced search facility on Twitter, but this is a very powerful tool. For example, search for “job interview” in “Nottingham” and click search. You are presented with all the latest tweets of people who are telling the world that they have just had a job interview today, or to wish them luck in their job interview later today. If you are jumping in to these conversation as part of your daily Twitter strategy, then you will soon be known as the agency that cares. Other search terms may be “I need a new job”, or “redundant” “fed up in my job” – it is amazing what people will Tweet about! Go to

And Finally

You may be wondering why I have not mentioned LinkedIn in the above article. There are simply too many tactics that recruiters can use for LinkedIn, so I have written an eBook that includes a whole section on LinkedIn for Recruiters which you can download for free here.

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