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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Facebook Live

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? The parting shot from Facebook’s cyber security recruiter Dan Paine to our delegates at the Innovation Circus: Social Recruiting Conference last week. The conference was designed by Broadbean Technology and The Recruitment Events Company, specifically to challenge organisations to think differently about how they approach social recruitment, in a way that produces tangible results.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid is a question Facebook asks its staff on a regular basis to challenge them to achieve continuous improvement in everything they do.

Dan told us Facebook is using their own live streaming tool as part of their recruitment activities to engage new candidates and digitally represent their brand culture. They film employee interviews, events and snippets of day-to-day life to give real-time insight into the working culture. Over the last five years, the use of video has increased 94% year-on-year Paine told us.

So what is it that we might be afraid of when using live streaming as part of a diverse marketing or recruitment strategy?

In 2016 Buzzfeed’s live stream interview with Barrack Obama was a classic example of where technology can fail us. The interview froze a couple of minutes in, with Buzzfeed quickly having to re-direct Facebook viewers to watch the live stream on YouTube and paste the link in the comments. The issue was widely publicised, and there were plenty of comments from the audience.

However, Buzzfeed quickly moved on from the incident, and their live streams have gone from strength to strength. Just the month before the Obama ‘incident’ Buzzfeed had seen their live stream showing an exploding watermelon achieve Facebook Live’s biggest hits to date at that time, reaching a live audience of 807,000 at its peak.

The point is, it takes bravery to experiment with live video, and you can’t always predict what will happen on the day, but the results can be monumental, and the creative licence is phenomenal. If you don’t take those risks, you’ll never stand out from your competitors.

It’s also a cost-effective opportunity for smaller organisations with less budget to take a guerrilla approach to their recruitment marketing and take advantage of the coverage tools like Facebook Live offer. When considering ideas for your live streams, think about what’s going to engage your candidates emotionally. Does it appeal to your target audience personas? Is it likely to be shared? Will people find it entertaining?

Check out these examples for inspiration for your next recruitment marketing drive.

The unique content generated from the Innovation Circus is monumental.We’ll be sharing all of this over the course of the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for #InnovationCircus releases across social media and via and

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