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Four Ways to Maximise LinkedIn for Recruiters in 2018

LinkedIn for Recruiters

Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, we have seen some drastic changes to the platform. Yes, I agree that some of these changes have certainly not helped the everyday recruiter, but, there have been some excellent additions that I find recruiters are underutilising.

We are being forced to work smarter on LinkedIn if we want our content (and jobs) to be seen more organically. In this post, I will showcase four tips to consider in your LinkedIn strategy.

Tip #1 – LinkedIn Video

Finally, LinkedIn caught up with the rest of the social media platforms and embraced native video. You can now upload your videos to LinkedIn, and these videos are getting additional exposure in the newsfeed. Before you fast forward to the next tip because you are perhaps not comfortable being in front of a camera, then consider creating “animated text videos for your jobs”.

Here is one I created earlier using an application called for ios and Android).

A video is not just great for making your jobs stand out from the crowd. It’s a great tool to show behind the scenes, perhaps giving tips and advice, or even hosting a "questions and answers" show once a week. If you are not embracing video on LinkedIn, then you are missing a trick.

Tip #2 – Are you using the Toggle to “Recent” feature?

When you log into LinkedIn, the main feed is what LinkedIn want you to see. It is the most popular content from your network. If you are a daily LinkedIn user, then there is a strong possibility that you see the same content over and over again.

In mid-2017 LinkedIn introduced the “toggle” feature. Simply switch from top to recent by clicking the drop-down arrow.

LinkedIn for Recruiters

Tip #3 – LinkedIn Groups

In January 2018 LinkedIn announced that it would be putting more focus on Groups with new tools and options. It is a little bit strange that LinkedIn sent out a notification to all Group Administrators the day after Facebook announced that its reach for businesses is set to decrease, but hey, that may have been a coincidence.

If like me, you have thought that LinkedIn groups died a death over 12 months ago, then we may be in for a shock and perhaps its time to revisit the feature.

The note that LinkedIn sent out to all admin said the following:

LinkedIn for Recruiters

So what can we expect for new changes to LinkedIn groups in the near future?

  • We will now start seeing group notifications (handy feature!).
  • You will soon be able to post videos in groups.

I believe that this is just the start. Many people are morphing over to Facebook groups, so LinkedIn needs to up their game if they want to keep their audience.

Tip #4 – Pinned Posts on Company Page

Did you know that you can pin a post to the top of your LinkedIn company page? This has been a feature for some time, however, I rarely see a recruiter using this function as a strategy. Many recruiters will pin their “job of the week” to a Facebook page, Twitter account and showcase it on their Google listing, but it is rare to see this happening on LinkedIn.

To pin your jobs of the week to your LinkedIn page, follow these simple steps:-

  • Navigate to your LinkedIn company page
  • Click “manage page”
  • Find the post that you would like to pin
  • Click the three little dots on the far right of the post
  • Scroll down to “pin to top”

The post will stay at the top of your company page until you either unpin the post, or you select a different post to pin.

I would recommend posting the same job of the week as your Twitter and Facebook accounts for consistency.


There are exciting new features that are developing within LinkedIn for 2018, so please stay tuned on the Green Umbrella blog (subscribe here) if you want to keep ahead of the game.

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