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Replace Email with Texting to Get the Most Out of Recruiting Efforts

Recruiting using Text Messaging

When you want to recruit the top talent in your industry, you have to communicate in the ways candidates prefer. With job seekers filling out applications on the internet, the next logical step is to add the power of texting into the mix. You can build permission to text job candidates right into the process as they fill out the online application, making it easy to send out recruiting texts to anyone that signs up for a job with your company. While emails and phone calls will still be used, you will find that text messaging is the fastest, most direct way to get answers from individuals you are interested in hiring.


Millennials are Looking for Jobs on Their Smart Phones

When you know your potential job candidates are using mobile devices to search for jobs, it's important to use this information to your advantage. Recruiting isn't easy, and the more ways you have open to communicate with recruits, the better off you will be. Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails, and you will often get a response within minutes. Millennials check their cell phones constantly and never leave home without them. If you want to reach a wide audience, text messaging is going to give you the platform you need.

Texting Allows for Private Exchanges of Information

When a recruit is already working at a day job, it's nearly impossible to communicate during business hours through emails and phone calls. Your recruit may not be able to log in to a personal email account during the day, and they may not have the privacy to take a personal call while at work. When you send a text message to your recruit, they will be able to read your message no matter where they are. Even if they need to wait awhile to respond, you will know that your recruit is getting your texts throughout the day. If you have a quick question, a simple text can get you the answer fast.

Remind Recruits of Upcoming Appointments

A missed job interview can really slow down your recruitment process. When you use text messaging to send out a reminder about an upcoming interview, you are less likely to suffer from no-shows during interview days. You can be more productive and organised in your recruiting efforts when you aren't spending time waiting for a potential job recruit to show up for an interview.

Smartphone Use Will Continue to Rise

The use of mobile technology is not going away. In fact, more people are going to be using mobile devices than ever before in the next year. Using mobile devices is the easiest and most effective way to reach out to anyone, no matter what industry you are trying to recruit for. When you don't use text messaging in your recruitment strategy, you are going to miss out on a number of highly qualified candidates.

When you want to become a better recruiter and make your recruitment process more efficient, it's time to replace email with text messaging. You can communicate with job recruits in private, and the information sent through text messages is easy to reference. You will know that your message is going to be received within minutes, and your job recruit will be able to answer you faster than if you sent an email or made a phone call. Don't let your recruitment process get bogged down because of poor communication. Implement a texting software platform today to get the most out of your recruiting efforts.

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