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What Your Work Lunch Says About You as a Recruiter

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 Everyone is different but everyone has a lunch preference. We thought, for a bit of fun, we’d put together a blog outlining some lunchtime classics, some staples you’ll recognise. So, without further preamble, here are some lunchtime preferences you’ll definitely recognise…

‘I Have No Respect for My Colleagues’


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There’s always someone, right? That one person who doesn’t’ think about anyone else in the office and quite happily microwaves a tin of tuna at lunch. And they always seem to do it first, before anyone else has a chance to use the microwave. Second hand tuna odours are the absolute worst. A definite health hazard.

‘I Can’t Wait for Pay Day’


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This is a lunch we can all recognise, the obligatory ‘week until payday pot noodle’. It’s not filing, it’s certainly depressing, but for all of us there’s a definite time and place for it. Perhaps there was one big weekend, or an expensive new car purchase, but whatever the reason, when the pennies are tight we’ve all turned to a trusty pot noodle to see us through a long week.

‘I’m Healthier Than You’


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That one time you opt for a KFC bargain bucket is the exact time you spot this lunch type. There’s always someone (maybe even you) full of raw food and gym stories. They’re probably eating an avocado right now, silently judging your ‘bad meal choices’. This lunch time staple is a challenging one for sure and it’s guaranteed to make you feel at least momentarily resentful.

‘I Don’t Care About My Health’


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Everyone chooses an occasional unhealthy lunch but in every office there’s always that one person who tucks into a fast food burger every day without fail. This is a truly challenging person to work with. All dreams of a diet or of a healthier lifestyle go straight out the window when you’re sitting across from yet another McDonalds Big Mac Meal with extra fries.

‘I Forgot to Eat Again’


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There’s always one recruiter who is super busy and forgets to eat lunch. They seem impervious to all but the strongest of hunger pangs, giving in at 6pm and scoffing six bags of crisps from the vending machine. This is not someone who subscribes to the wholesome eating fad. No, instead they’re heavily invested in their job. So much so that eating lunch takes a backseat entirely.

‘I Love a Traditional Working Lunch’


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By a traditional working lunch, we mean an old school classic, a staple of times gone by. The virtually extinct ‘cigarette and black coffee’ lunch is certainly out of fashion but we all know someone who still valiantly lights up day in, day out. The rest of us can only wonder how they manage it. After all, eating some food at lunchtime is good. But these hardy champions of yesteryear’s lunchtime classic puff away regardless, forgoing all forms of nutrition for that one last nicotine blast.

So, those are some of the lunchtime staples we all know and recognise. Let us know if there are any we’ve missed, or let us know if one of the above defines your midday habits. Bon appetit!

About the Author: Wendy McDougall is the CEO of Firefish Software. With just under 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, Wendy is on a mission to inspire the next generation of recruiters and help challenge the traditional recruitment agency model of doing things. In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying some down time with the family, playing squash, and feeding her inner geek with the latest technology.


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